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Read before appointment - you will sign this document upon admission.

  1. You have enrolled your cat in our Farm Cat Spay/Neuter clinic voluntarily and understand that this program does not offer preanesthetic bloodwork, iv catheters and fluid therapy, or postoperative pain medication beyond 72 hours postop. The intention of this program is to spay and neuter farm cats for population control. This program is not intended for house cats or pet cats. Females have abdominal surgery to remove ovaries and uterus; males have testicles removed.
  2. We will have adult and student volunteers assisting with these procedures. DVMs and RVTs will be administering anesthesia and DVMs or DVM students will be performing surgery.
  3.  Preanesthetic bloodwork can identify congential or acquired disease which, if present, would put your cat at greatly increased risk during and after anesthesia for an adverse or fatal event. We do not offer pre-anesthetic bloodwork.
  4. IV fluid therapy during anesthesia supports blood pressure and reduces the risk of adverse events during anesthesia. In the event of respiratory or cardiac arrest during anesthesia the presence of an IV catheter greatly enhances our ability to deliver potentially life savings medication to your cat. Your cat will not have an iv catheter or iv fluids during their surgery.
  5. Postoperative management is imperative for a smooth recovery from surgery. Regular veterinary practises would typically prescribe one to five days of postoperative pain medication for your cat. We are giving cat spays 72 hours of postop pain medication; neuters receive 24 hrs of postop pain medication. If your cat is exhibiting signs of discomfort - vocalizing, hiding, not eating or drinking, or difficulty moving around you need to contact your regular veterinarian to have your cat examined and prescribed additional pain medication.
  6. A brief physical exam will be done by an RVT prior to anesthesia for confirmation of sex & assessment of overal fitness for surgery. If your cat has vomiting, diarrhea, coughing/sneezing &/or not eating they should not have surgery.
  7. Your cat can potentially be exposed to infectious diseases at the clinic. If your cat is not vaccinated they are at risk.
  8. If your cat has not been properly fasted (off food at midnight) they could vomit during anesthesia and aspirate stomach contents into their lungs causing life threatening aspiration pneumonia.
  9. If your cat has been exposed to mouse bait they should not have surgery as these rodenticides prevent blood clotting and your cat could suffer from a fatal bleeding event.
  10. Your cat will receive injectable anesthesia/sedative, local freezing for neuters, gas anesthetic for spays, 120mls of subcutaneous fluids and injectable postoperative pain medication.
  11. Spay incisions need to be checked daily for 7 days for signs of redness, discharge and swelling. Neuter incisions need to be checked daily for 3 days. If you have any concerns with the incisions please contact your regular veterinarian.
  12. Cats must not lick or chew at their surgery sites. Please purchase ecollar or surgery suit as needed.
  13. Keep your cat confined in a warm (21C) safe area for 5 days postop for spays and 24 hours for neuters.
  14. Cats can be fed at discharge. If your cat is not eating and drinking within 24 hrs of surgery please call your veterinarian.
  15. There is no suture removal required for spays or neuters.
  16. Understand that anesthesia and surgery carry risk and although we will take standard precautions required for any spay/neuter clinic there is always a chance your cat may experience an adverse or fatal event during these procedures. IN CASE OF ADVERSE EVENT I ELECT LIFE SAVING CPR (up to $750/10min; grave prognosis) or DO NOT RESUSCITATE (circle one)
  17. If your cat is pregnant we will proceed with the spay and euthanize the kittens postoperatively if required.
  18. If your male cat does not have two testes descended he won't qualify for the program and will be returned to you intact This condition is called cryptorchidism and requires abdominal or inguinal surgery to locate and remove the undescended testicle. It is important to neuter these cats because the condition is heritable and can result in cancer.
  19. If your cat does not meet minimum weight requirement of 2.5kg (5.5lbs) they will not qualify for the program & will be returned to you intact. Refunds/raincheques will not be issued for cats that do not meet the minimum weight requirement.
  20. All cats require payment at booking. No shows or cancellations <24hours will not be issued a refund. Attempts to fill a <24hr cancellation will be made and only then would a refund be given. Cancellation >48hr receive full refund. Thank you very much for your support of this program in our community - we appreciate it very much! I have read and understand the procedure my cat is undergoing today, the associated risks, and the pre and postoperative instructions and understand that I am finacially responsible for all postoperative care of my cat. Discharge is prior to 5pm.

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