Hastings Lake Animal Hospital

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Sherwood Park, AB T8G 1E8



Ministik Farm Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic


When:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in October 2022

Where: Hastings Lake Animal Hospital

Who: Farm Cats. Cats MUST be greater than 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). ​There will be a limited number of cat spay spots available. This program is not for pet/house cats please. 

Why: Our effort to control the cat population in our rural community.  Humane societies in Alberta euthanize many, many cats annually because there are not enough homes, they become ill because they aren't cared for, or they become feral because nobody is taking care of them.  Rural communities like ours produce many of these unwanted cats.   

History:  This program started six years ago as a fundraiser for Ministik Elementary School to help with funding technology, field trips and extras for our rural students.  It also taught our kids a lot about responsible farm cat ownership.   We use the funds now to support our rescue program and our Kids Camp program.  We have rescued and rehomed many, many cats and a few dogs and continue to do our rescue work throughout the year.  Our Kids Camp program gives about 40-60 kids/summer a very exciting veterinary clinic experience.  All of our Kids Camps and our Rescue Program Adoptions are done by donation.  

Volunteers:  Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are unable to have our volunteers join us this year.

Registration:  Please call the clinic to register your cat 780-662-2227.  This is different than the online registration we typically use.  

Fasting:  All cats must be off food by midnight the night before.  Water should be supplied until admission.

​Admission: You will be contacted with an admission time.  For all spays, admission will be at 8:30am. All cats must be in a proper cat carrier labelled with your name, phone number and the name of the cat.  **One cat per carrier please**

Surgery:  Cats have a brief pre-anesthetic examination by a Registered Veterinary Technologist. Surgeries are performed by veterinarians.   The cats are under general anesthesia.   All cats get a complimentary microchip registered to your name.

Discharge:  Cat spays need to be kept in a quiet, restricted area for 3 days after surgery and they will need to be administered postoperative pain medication for 3 days after surgery.  Cat neuters need to be in a quiet, restricted environment for 24 hours.

Additional Services at regular price include:  Vaccines, ear mite treatment, topical deworming, cat bite abscess treatment

​Minimum donation required - ($150 minimum donation for spays and $50 minimum donation for neuters) .   Fees apply for additional services.